Service Concept

1, pre-sales service: buy product before the guests, for his introduction, recommendation, explain the product, to suit guests, the guests can accept the price, can provide customers the benefits of products recommended to guests. This process is made more sales, shopping guide to complete. To complete a perfect  shopping guide or sales necessary professional, sincere, make guests feel warm, comfortable, products assured that practical.
2, the sale of services: Guests determine when buying products and services purchase products. Such as: pre-commitment packs, gifts of preparation, presentation notes and so on. This process shopping guide and sales can not be too excited, to be patient, smiling, technology to meticulous, professional, etc., so that guests happy, at ease.
3, Service: Service is to improve customer satisfaction, effective protection of customer satisfaction and loyalty effective measure. After-sales service system is to achieve the company's "customer satisfaction", in order to achieve the purpose of marketing. Customer satisfaction is the end result of inspection service companies, both in the marketing plays an integral role in