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Auto Parts Industry
The The whole system is composed of manufacturing execution system ERP. By supporting multi-variety and small batch production mode delivered according to orders; Satisfy the functions of inspection of raw materials and accessories, collection of production process parameters, determination of qualified products, input of experimental data, etc.  Grasp the implementation of production plan in real time and generate production data and statistical reports; Transparent generation, tracking of the whole production process and on-site early warning management; Eliminate isolated islands of information and realize one input and multiple uses.  On-site problems should be solved in a timely manner to reduce unplanned outage time, etc. to maximize the flexible manufacturing capacity of enterprises, meet the needs of multi-variety and small-batch production, and finally quantify the experience value to help large suspension realize flexible production.Establish a sales order evaluation process that can be traced back.  In order to improve the production efficiency, the empirical value of the original manual scheduling is quantified through the system, which provides reference for scheduling, and can quickly display the on-site material in-process tasks and completion status. Through the system, bottlenecks in the whole production process can be quickly found, providing continuous improvement basis for relevant management personnel, thus improving the production efficiency on the basis of existing equipment and personnel.By automatically generating material requirements; Transparency of warehouse inventory information; Meet the relevant information of equipment users, such as product warehousing report, inventory report and other functions including consolidated report, early warning and supervision, etc., realize the purchase management of materials related to products, greatly reduce the phenomena of overJoint-stock of finished product inventory, overdue Joint-stock age, large inventory of work in process, inaccurate data in different places, improve the capital turnover rate, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.Through the equipment management system, the overall information management of the whole life cycle of idle and scrapped equipment is realized from the installation and commissioning acceptance of the equipment to the use, maintenance, cleaning, routine inspection and maintenance, maintenance and spare parts, and finally the massive equipment files are digitalized and the management efficiency is increased exponentially.Equipment analysis statistics and kanban function can realize user-defined analysis and statistics conditions (including time, scope, workshop, workshop section and specific equipment), including department equipment maintenance statistics (patrol inspection, lubrication, completion rate of maintenance plan, equipment readiness rate, failure rate, downtime and working time), and failure repair statistics; According to the annual plan completion statistics; Statistics by repair/maintenance level; At the same time, visual billboards of different forms and styles are directly generated according to statistical reports.