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Product Name:LK43 automatic processing unit
Product Number:ZC-22
Published:2014/8/7 9:12:55
Product Detail

LK43 type automatic processing unit consists of one lathe, one gantry robot, one set of automatic loading and unloading silo and one set of control system, belonging to automatic flexible processing unit.

The lathe belongs to LK series. The integrated structural design of the base and the lathe bed greatly improves the rigidity of the lathe and ensures smooth chip removal.  The whole machine adopts full protection design, and the sheet metal design of the lathe fully considers the principle of ergonomics.  X and Z direction guide rails shall be world famous brand linear rolling guide rails.  On the premise of ensuring high rigidity, rapid feeding can reach up to 15m/min and 24m/min;; The main axis box adopts a large span and wide triangle structure, and the main axis adopts an imported Main axis unit, with a maximum rotating speed of 6000-8000r/min, good rigidity and high precision.

The truss-type robot adopts ZCRBM3 model, adopts modular design, and uses an independent intelligent control system with ARM processor as the core.  The main beam and the vertical arm are both of steel beam structure, which strengthens the overall rigidity.  Each module is mechanically relatively independent of each other and can be combined within a certain range without redesign and manufacturing.