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Product Name:HTC20B-400 automatic processing unit
Product Number:HTC20B-400型
Published:2013/6/8 17:31:59
Product Detail

This automation unit consists of 2 HTC 2B-400 CNC lathes, 1 set of single-arm gantry robots and 1 set of automatic loading and unloading silos.

The lathe belongs to HTC series. The casting adopts resin sand molding process and frame-shaped rib plate design, with strong rigidity.  45 inclined structure, smooth chip removal; The main axis box body is equipped with trapezoidal radiating fins. Korean Main axis unit is selected, which has good thermal stability and high precision.  The whole machine adopts full protection design to prevent water leakage.  Taiwan HIWIN High Precision Ball Screw and German Rexroth Linear guide rail are adopted. The screw is pre-stretched axially. On the premise of ensuring high rigidity, fast feeding can reach up to 24m/min for X-axis and 30m/min for Z-axis.

The truss-type robot adopts ZCRBM3 model, adopts modular design, and uses an independent intelligent control system with ARM processor as the core.  The main beam and the vertical arm are both of steel beam structure, which strengthens the overall rigidity.  Each module is mechanically relatively independent of each other and can be combined within a certain range without redesign and manufacturing.  Control is also relatively independent, forming an independent automation unit with the lathe. 

The automatic unit adopts a tray type bin, which can automatically replace the material tray.  Its main characteristics are short refueling time; PLC control is adopted, only signal confirmation is needed between the robot and the robot, and installation and debugging are convenient.

This product can be widely used in the fields of mechanical processing such as automobile parts, household electrical appliances, instruments, plumbing valves, military components, etc.