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Investigation and analysis of the machine cooperation of the Council of Europe announced the guidelines of the European conformity certification
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Customs and economic management departments developed for support under the provisions of the EU market regulation guidelines, "European conformity certification guidelines are published for the first time. European machine tool Cooperation Council technical department responsible for Mr. DagJacobson, said: "The guidelines from the industry itself, we hope that it can play the role of promoting and safeguarding the production safety and the EC's internal market environment of fair competition for manufacturers to create. "

To promote the integrity of the EC market through fair competition,

Throughout Europe manufacturing metalworking machine tools are in use, they must comply with the provisions of the European standards, strict protection of the health and safety of the production personnel. In addition, through the implementation of the provisions of the European standards, accelerate the achievement of the environmental impact of industrial production down to a minimum target. EC internal application of laws, regulations, industrial machinery market access requirements, and stressed that only meet the provisions of the basic requirements of the machine to enter the EC market.

An important part of into the market in terms of market supervision, to ensure effective implementation of EC law. Effective, unified implementation of these provisions to ensure the integrity of the internal market of the European Union within the EU. European machine tool manufacturers every year invested a lot of money and time to ensure that the machine complies with the provisions of the EU. They have therefore requested to encourage the implementation of strict standards to protect the health and safety conditions for fair competition, rather than to encourage the use of the lowest cost to implement these standards. Effective market supervision is the key to fair competition.

However, so far, these two aspects unified market regulator has focused primarily on consumer goods and consumer protection, while ignoring the regulatory capital goods. January 2010 implementation of the new legal framework, its purpose is through the integration of market regulation in the Member States dedicated resources and improve the management level of cooperation, strengthen market supervision framework for consumer and capital goods. This is a step forward from the current situation a meaningful step, but so far the implementation is not obvious. The machine cooperation of the Council of Europe called on its member states to seriously implement the new legal framework. The results of the fair competition is to encourage innovation and competition, innovation and competition, as the two main objectives of economic growth has been listed in the 2020 European strategy.

The machine tool industry should honor the commitments made to production safety and environmental protection

Mr. Jacobson said: "I think the support to strengthen the implementation of the application of internal market law, that is in the process of promoting the implementation of the new legal framework, the industry also can play a role. Now, the machine cooperation of the Council of Europe is to take up this responsibility. market supervision and strengthen the management capacity requirements of the regulatory authorities, customs authorities, as well as inter-industry work closely. Therefore, we have decided that the European conformity certification guidelines published in the European Machine Tool Co-operation Committee, stakeholders share our technical expertise. "

European machine tool Cooperation Council look forward to these guidelines for the machine tool industry and consistency of the certification mark will evoke in the public and private stakeholders raise awareness of the importance of health, safety, environmental protection requirements, to encourage and outside of Europe manufacturers to comply with EU law . Safety and environmental protection are the two principles of European manufacturers to be observed. The machine cooperation of the Council of Europe to promote the use of modern and efficient machine with the European standards consistent with the high degree of safety and environmental protection.

The guidelines will not only basic requirements to inform the stakeholders, but also to provide practical guidance. The machine cooperation of the Council of Europe prepared in line with Community requirements terms cheat sheet to help the approval of the machine, approved machine will be labeled European unified qualified certification.