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1. Our vision is to strive to become the most influential intelligent manufacturing service company in China
2. Our mission is to make Chinese enterprises stronger and bigger.  Leading Chinese Enterprises to the World Stage
3. Our aim is: reject theory, pay attention to actual combat, and help customers improve profits
4. Our spirit is: simple, focused, stubborn
5. Our style of work is: keep promises, no excuses; ABSolute obedience, never say die 
6. Our values are:
Customer: everything is based on the value of the customer.
Principle: System First, Leadership Second
Standard: Always be at your peak and always aim for first place.
Team: Up and Down Together, Qi Li Broken Gold
Gratitude: Be grateful and earn respect with love.
Responsibility: Responsible to oneself, responsible to the enterprise, responsible to the society 
7. Our core idea is:
Survival Concept: Only the Right Way can Live Forever
Development Concept: Sacrifice the Personal and Complete the Great Self
Competition Concept: Surpassing Self and Accomplishing Soldiers Without Fighting
Sales philosophy: selling everything is for love.
Service concept: customer-centered, love as service
Brand Concept: Brand Makes Value, Value Makes Wealth
Wealth concept: money is an external thing, growth is the first wealth in life.
Work philosophy: practicing simple methods to the extreme is the unique skill.
The philosophy of life: to pour money is enough to gather people, and the amount is wide enough to get people.  Ones body is sufficient to lead one, ones self-discipline is sufficient to serve one.
Employment Concept: Position First, Ability Second
Organization Concept: Create Platform and Achieve Yourself
Results concept: ordinary people pursue goals, outstanding people surpass goals, and outstanding people create miracles.